Sweet Spot

Hannah Williams

Hannah Williams is owner of Sweet Spot. She relocated to Upstate NY the summer of 2019 from Charlotte, NC. Hannah landed a position in exhibit design, however, due to the pandemic, she was laid off a year later. Sewing became a survival skill. She is a designer exploring the fabric world. With a graphic design background and a knack for beading, knitting and all things crafty, Hannah launched an accessory line to create wearable pieces.

A simple joke about fanny packs with matching masks (initial name being "Fanask"), became more relatable and memorable as Sweet Spot Bags & Accessories. This line of athleisure merchandise is designed to style up your personal sweet spots - face, chest and waist.

Started: August 2020
Launched: October 2020

Face masks taught her how to sew, but her "Hanny" packs will make a statement. 

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