Stitches with Sass

Amy Jones

Stitches with Sass is a passion project for me! I discovered embroidery in early 2020, like many, looking for a way to fill my new-found free time at home. It was a way for me to translate my interest in hand-lettering and calligraphy into a new medium. I impulse bought a bunch of floss and other supplies and before you know it Stitches with Sass was born!

I take inspiration from pop culture and the things I see and consume around me in the media and the world. I've always loved the power of a good quote, so I often stitch quotes or phrases from shows, movies, books and songs that I like. As the name implies, much of my work comes with a dose of sarcasm and a good send of humor. I like the combination of a snarky phrase or the occasional profanity with delicate stitches and floral accents, so you need to appreciate a little irony to appreciate some of my pieces.

One of my favorite things about embroidery is that you can do it virtually anywhere and so I don't have a dedicated workspace. Most nights, you'll find me stitching on the couch after finishing my day job in Public Health, while half watching something on TV or listening to an audio book or podcast, with one of my dogs snoring next to me.

I'm happy to make custom pieces, or customize existing designs with preferred color schemes, by request, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Instagram: @StitchesWithSass