Rockerbox Spice Co.

Raema Rotindo

Raema is an avid home-cook, foodie, hiker, weighlifter, gardener and animal lover. She lives in Schoharie, NY and is originally from Ossining, NY. She studied astrophysics at SUNY Stony Brook, and has run Rockerbox Spice Co. solo for 10 years. She can tell you that the only constants are the speed of light and that garlic is good.

Raema started making garlic and onion powders in 2011 after learning that most mass-market powders were full of additives. As the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of garlic farmers, the granulated stuff she could find at store just didn't cut it! She knew she could make a pure and potent garlic powder that was free from additives, and got to work drying pure powders from raw garlic and onions in a small home-food dehydrator for her own kitchen on a small city terrace in Astoria, Queens.

After a year of taste-testing her powders on family and friends, Rockerbox officially began in 2012 at a farmers market in Millbrook, NY. Raema's flagship products were the Raw Garlic Dust and Raw Garlic Flakes. Fast-forward about 10 years: Rockerbox is now based in Schoharie, NY, and offers a full line of garlic and onion powders, spice blends and pickled garlic.

Instagram: @rockerboxspiceco

Instagram: @rockerboxspiceco