Little Yellow Desk

Jessie Nonnenman

Hello! I'm Jessie, the printmaker behind Little Yellow Desk. I'm an architect by day, and I spend my evenings creating original designs and turning them into hand-carved, hand-pressed block prints. Growing up and through college, I was trained in many different forms of art, and I love that block printing allows me to utilize multiple skills and tolls to create the final product.

All of my work is made at a midcentury schoolteacher's desk which I salvaged from a former beighbor's workshop, refinished and painted bright yellow.

I donate a portion of each and every sale to charity, so I thank you for supporting my work and a multitude of other worthy causes with your purchase!

I also take commissions, so please reach out to me if you'd like a hand-carved stamp, a custom stationary design or anything else your heart desires!

Instagram: @littleyellowdesk