Krilo Art

Kristin Lombard

Hi, I'm Kristin Lombard, or Krilo (Kree-Low)!

I paint whatever inspires me from my home studio in Upstate New York. I enjoy suggestive brush strokes and splashes of paint. Most of my exploration is with color, enhancing the subtle colors found when you really look at an object or scene for what it is and not what you assume it to be. If you look long enough at something your automatic perception of it falls away and you begin to see it for what it truly is, and I try to capture that. 

My latest collection, "Bloom Into Hope", was inspired by my personal growth in realizing the importance of allowing yourself to heal. This collection is here to encourage those struggling to find hope. The comfort box and comfort shawl were created as ways to ship hope + comfort to those who need it most. My hope is that one day this collection will become a beaming reminder of what they were able to get through.

Social media is a great way to get to know me. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I post about my painting process. You can watch as my collections develop and come to be!

Instagram: @kriloart

Facebook: @KriloArt