Erin Eckler

Schenectady native Erin Eckler has always been that unique combination of artist and entrepreneur. She first conceptualized the EQWilbert brand in her late teens as a way to umbrella her various creative efforts under one mission: to be a professional artist. 

In 2016, she finally launched EQWilbert - a company that would unite all her creative outlets through integrated branding and marketing. The name is a composite of her songwriting performance pseudonym "Erin Quillnan" (her mother's maiden name) and her resilience and talent to her lineage and wanted to pay tribute to those ties using language which is traditionally tossed away over time.

Recycling, reuse and heritage are common themes in her work. The findings in her jewelry are sources from her grandmother's Sarah Coventry costume jewelry she used to sell.  The leather she uses is scraps and seconds from Townsend Leather, a company run by members of her family on her husband's side. Some of the dyed clothes are beloved items from her personal collection. She likes to utilize and celebrate items typically discarded, integrating whatever usable scraps she can find into her pieces.

Erin's creations are a reflection of her personality - fun ,playful and weird. She knows an item is ready for sale if it makes her smile, or even better, chuckle. Each piece is an effort to spread a little light into the world. She is grateful for/humbled by every sale and very aware of how lucky she is to make a living doing what she loves..

Instagram: @eqwilbert

Facebook: @EQWilbert

Website: www.eqwilbert.com