AllieCat Quilts & Crafts

Karoline Sears

I have been creating and building ever since I was a little girl in my dad's shop. Every scrap of wood or discarded box became some new and crazy invention or plaything. Since then, I've experimented with quilting, crafting and woodworking in a variety of ways. As a result, every piece I bring to the shop is a piece I already have somewhere in the house. Making things brings me joy and a sense of peace.

Farmhouse chic isn't just a home decorating style, it's a lifestyle. It's bringing farmhouse decor touches into your home and everyday life. Regardless of where you live, you know how to surround yourself with these elements: small signs, tabletop decor and all natural products. 

Like a lot of makers during the pandemic, I don't have a dedicated maker space. I share my home with my spouse, daughter and two cats. My workshop is any open flat surface that can accommodate whatever project I am currently working on. I use the woodpile out back to hold my boards for measurement; I slice, dice and chop under the deck and I use the den floor to glue boards when it's close to zero degrees outside.

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Facebook: @alliecatquiltsncrafts